Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We Are Breaking The Rules!

Rule breaking you ask??? When TJ and I started the Prim Pals Forum, we had dreams of making it a friendly place that everyone would feel welcome. We want it to be a place where our friends can feel comfortable sharing everything...

What's the problem??? Well there are SO many great forums and sites out there, that is hard to share inspiration and great discoveries if you can't talk about them on a forum, right? How many have you joined only to find that if you talk about or join up with another group you will be deleted, etc?

Well, I do not know if we are the first to do this or not but we have modified the rules of the forum! Our friends who join us on the forum no longer have to worry about sharing information on any other forums or sites they may belong too! As long as you are not 'bashing' another forum, we encourage our friends to tell us about any and all places they think would be of interest to our fellow prim brothers and sisters.

You will now find a special board on the forum called 'Prim Pals Kindred Spirits' where you can share a favorite forum or site whether it is prim or just craft related. We all look for inspiration when we create and family should be there and help each other when we need something, right?

We like to think of the Prim Pals Forum as a family and we feel family should share, not be tied down with rules that say you can't do this or that. We want to encourage you to be yourself, but be respectful to others and by all means... if you belong to a group that you think others will also enjoy.... tell us about it!


We just wanted to let you all know that the June Happiness Exchange Swap partners have been matched up and sent out. If you had signed up and didn't receive the name of a partner, please let us know.

There were not many participating this month, especially with the weather being so nice and being busy with our families. We will continue to do the swap as long as you and those on the Prim Pals forum wish to participate. We are sure the participating will pick up again as soon as things slow down a little.


If some of you have wondered, we have not been doing the Newsletter lately. We have had issues with getting it sent out to everyone but we are working on one for June. We have been working on a lot of great ideas and surprises.

Take Care and Hope you have a wonderful day!

Debbie & TJ