Guidelines & Sign Up Form

The Guidelines...

Since this is new, each month, we will send each member who is participating the 'survery' of a Prim Pal you will be match up with.  This email will go out to you the last week of the previous month, hopefully around the 26th.  This is when the real fun will begin.

After you receive the name and information on your Prim Pal, it is your responsibility to get to know them, Send out an email to introduce yourself and if you want, you can but not obligated to send out a card or even a letter throughout the month.  The whole purpose of the 'Happiness Exchange' is to brighten your new friend's day so think how much you enjoy receiving a card or email.  Also, since this is an exchange, you would be required to send a little gift box of goodies between the 20th and 25th of the month.

We realize that times are tough with todays economy so there will be a gift value of at least $10.00 plus shipping set on the box of 'Happiness' you are sending to your Prim Pal.  If you want to do more than the $10.00 limit, that is totally up to you.

Sign up is easy, just click on the 'Sign Up' tab at the top of the page, then copy and paste the survey along with your answers to us at .  Then you will receive an email, the last week of the month along with a copy of the survey filled out by the Prim Pal you will be matched up with.  Email them, visit their blog... get to know them...  but most importantly... remember to just have FUN!


The Rules are simple...

1.  You must be 18.

2.  Sign up only if you intend to follow through.

3.  If something, unforseen happens that may prevent you from fulfilling your obligation.  Contact TJ or myself so we can help you.


Remember, you don't have to be a prim or country craft lover to participate.  So many of us are into other things and isn't part of meeting new people being able to learn new things and introduce them to what interest us too?

Sign Up

Just copy and paste this easy survey into an email and send to us at .  If you have trouble getting the survey just contact us and we will send one to you.  Remember the more information you give will help your monthly 'Prim Pal' get to know you a little better.... and as always, please email us with any questions you may have.

Debbie & TJ


1.  Name and Mailing Address:

2.  Age/Date of Birth:

3.  Email Address:

4.  Blog Address:

5.  Do you use Twitter or Facebook?:

6.  Occupation:

7.  Favorite Color:

8.  Favorite Flower:

9.  Favorite Food/Snacks:

10. Favorite Drink:

11. Favorite Movie:

12. Favorite Music:

13. Hobbies:

14. Collections:

15.  Would you mind a partner from Canada or another country?

Cut and paste these question then email to us at: .


If you have ANY questions, please leave a comment or email us at .

Now let's have fun!

Debbie & TJ