Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Annual Christmas Ornie Swap

1st Annual Christmas Ornie Swap

Christmas is a time for traditions like baking Grandma's sugar cookies, going caroling with friends and even decorating the family Christmas tree. One of my favorite memories is decorating the family tree with ornaments handmade by my brothers and I. There is just something about a Christmas tree decorated
with dozens of handmade ornaments.

So in keeping with the spirit of Christmas we would like to start a tradition of our own. The 1st Annual Prim Pal Ornie Swap!

How will it work?

We will have sign-ups through the month of September, open to forum members only. If you are not a member, come sign up at: Prim Pals. On October 1st, you will be sent the name of the staff member you will send your ornies to for distributing.

Depending on how many members sign up for this swap, we will divide everyone into groups of 10 or 15. For example: If 30 members sign up we will divide them into two groups. Each person would be responsible for making 15 ornies that would need to be completed and mailed out (with $7.95 for shipping your package of ornies back to you) to an assigned staff member for distributing by November 1st. Please be sure to get a confirmation number when sending to your staff member and forward it to us at: primpals@yahoo.com

Once the staff member has everyones ornies they will box them up and ship them out to you by November 13th. This will hopefully insure that you will receive your package in enough time to decorate for the Christmas holiday.

All ornies MUST be handmade and signed in some way by the crafter who made them. We also thought that since it was a Christmas Ornie swap it would be fun if they were all individually wrapped. (Just a little something to add to the Christmas excitement)

If you feel really energetic and would like to do more than just 10 - 15 ornies, feel free to let us know that you would like to do more and we will put your name into another group with different members so you would receive twice the ornies. Its all totally up to you.

We are really excited about this swap and hope you will be too! As always, if you have any questions or even suggestions, please feel free to contact TJ or myself by private message here or email at : primpals@yahoo.com.