Monday, April 26, 2010

'Prim Pal News'

Good Morning! Glad you could stop by. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home. the coffee is ready and let me pass you a nice warm cinnamon roll fresh from the oven.

Can you believe it? Today is the six week anniversary of the Prim Pal Forum. when TJ and I came up with the idea of doing a Forum dedicated to all of us who love prims and just crafting in general, we had no idea that it would take off as well as it has. Its been amazing watching it grow day by day and its all thanks to you!

One of our goals is to make Prim Pals a place that we can all call home. A place where we can all come and share our latest project, thrift store find, or maybe even find some inspiration from friends, old and new alike who are there to help support and inspire.

We want you all to feel like part of our family and to do that we have decided to do a bi-weekly newsletter to help keep you all informed on what is happening and to give you an opportunity to help contribute and make the Forum one of the best places on the web.


Last week we held our first 'Live Chat'. While there were only a handful of us there, a wonderful time was had by all and it was unanimous that we had to make this a weekly event. It was just too much fun not too. So... you are cordially invited to join us in the 'Live Chat' every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Central time. We look forward to seeing you there!

~*~Help Wanted - Celebration Coordinator~*~

We are looking for a volunteer who would be willing to donate their time and take on the responsibility of sending Birthday greetings and anniversary wishes, along with any other events as they come up. Someone to help us take special notice of our friends special days! You can email us at or respond to the post under 'News Flash' on the Forum.

~*~RAGS a.k.a. Random Acts of Goodness and Surprises~*~

We would like to start a section on our Forum dedicated to doing little acts of goodness to our fellow friends. this would be a spot where we can leave an address so a fellow pal could do a little something nice, just because they wanted to. If someone is feeling down or maybe their birthday was coming up it would allow others to send cards, letters or maybe a little gift.... just because. It would allow others to let you know they care. We also want to let you know that your address, if you choose to share it would only be accessible to other members of the Forum.

~*~Other Plans~*~

Here are a few of the plans we have for the Forum that we would appreciate your feedback on.

1. Blogger of the Month - This would give us the opportunity to spotlight some of the popular or maybe an unknown blog that would be of interest to our members. We would give you, our members, the opportunity to nominate or suggest a blog or website that would be of interest to fellow members. All suggestions can be sent to us at: , just put 'Blogger of the Month' into the subject line.

2. Specials of the Week - An opportunity for our members to 'advertise' a specific item or a sale that they might be having on their website, selling blog or shop here on our newsletter and on a section of the Forum. Our thinking is to showcase five to ten items, showing a picture of the item, cost and how/where to purchase it. (one entry per member please)

Listings would change weekly, so to have your item shown, you would have to submit your item to us at with all of the pertinent information needed, by midnight Friday. the posting would go on the forum the following Monday. Please be sure to use 'Special of the Week' in the subject line of your email.

3. Member Announcements - This would be a section of the newsletter where you can email us any announcements that you would like to see us post in the bi-weekly newsletter. this can be a birthday, anniversary announcement, sale, blog giveaways or even upcoming shows in your area that may be of interest to others.

4. Contest and Giveaways - Besides our monthly swaps, we want to offer our members different contest and giveaways. If there is one that you would like to suggest or help sponsor, let us know. You can email or send a private message to any of the staff with your ideas and thoughts.

5. Challenge of the Month - Be on the look-out because TJ will be hosting our 1st monthly challenge in May. The plan is for one of us to host a challenge that our members can choose to take part in. the pattern/ideas will be provided to you. Each month it will be something different so everyone will have an opportunity to participate. One month it may be a sewing project, the next may be something to paint, or maybe a 'trash to treasure' item. It will always be something different. What do you think?

~*~*~*~*~Our First Contest~*~*~*~*~

To celebrate our very first edition of the 'Prim Pal News'... We would like to invite you to enter our very first contest. It is a very 'Prim' Word Scramble and is sponsored by our very own Stella!

The Rules.... Decipher the words and then send them to Stella via 'private message'. She will take the first 25 names of those with the correct answers and put them in a drawing to win a prize of a 'Bag of Fixins'.

Okay... Here are the words:

1. knloifk

2. eho ekca
3. eteytsihr
4. srehufmoa
5. ohrpesi
6. ratrbe
7. umhenpos
8. vriteipmi
9. esetw inaen
10. tmanlereic

The winner will be announced by Stella on Friday, April 23rd (or Monday morning April 26th). Good Luck to you all!


Well, I guess we better go for now. Remember that you are welcome back anytime. We so enjoyed our visit and look forward to visiting with you again in a few weeks with more exciting news!

*Prim Hugs and Blessings*

Debbie, TJ, Stella and Melissa

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