Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Won't You Be My Valentine Swap'

We are gearing up with some new monthly swaps over at the forum and we can't wait to share them with you. We have some wonderful ones planned but we also have made a change in the swap rules, so PLEASE be sure and read the updated version before joining a swap. The biggest change is that now you need to have an introduction posted and at least 20 posts on the forum.

There is also a new rule on the type of items to be sent. (That is in the updated version of rule #6) So please be sure to read the updates.

Now... On to the swap!
This will be a Primitive Valentine Themed Swap and it will consist of three items: one fabric item and two 'wild card' items of your choice (as long as they are of the Valentine theme).

Please email me (TJ) at or my personal email address, or send me a pm on the forum and lemme' know you would like to join in the swap! Now come on... whatcha' waitin' for? Ya 'know ya' wanna join!

Sign ups will be taken until December 28th... swaps will need to be sent out NO LATER than January 17th with delivery confirmation.... So everyone will have a lil' time to display their goodies.

Please feel free to post the button on your Facebook and blog to spread the fun!

Happy Swappin'!
*prim huggs n blessins*


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